What does the new era of location intelligence hold for businesses?

In the current environment, businesses are now tasked with balancing the push toward recovery and developing the agility required to stay on top of reemerging COVID-19 obstacles.

Location data is absolutely critical to such strategies, enabling leading enterprises to not only mitigate challenges, but unlock previously unseen opportunities. Throughout the COVID-19 recovery era, location data is set to be a core ingredient for driving business intelligence and building sustainable consumer loyalty.

Advances in cloud-based location service are ushering in a new era of location intelligence by helping data engineers, analysts, and developers integrate location data into their existing infrastructure, build data pipelines, and reap insights more efficiently.

Scalable and data-rich location services are helping consumer-facing business drive transformation and growth along three strategic fronts:

Creating richer consumer experiences

Better in-app experiences lead to improved consumer engagement and lasting loyalty. Many of the world’s largest tech companies are already accessing point of interest (POI) data via the AWS Data Exchange (ADX) platform in order to power the core search, discovery, and map-building features that make their apps more useful and entertaining.

For example, Nextdoor, which helps users explore and engage with others in their neighborhoods, utilizes POI data to improve business data coverage and quality as well as discovery, verification, and onboarding experiences.

Brands across industries are using cloud-native location data with other downstream cloud services. For instance, integrating independent data location platforms with knowledge graph applications helps brands uncover popular nightlife and leisure trends for their users, fueling powerful in-app search and discovery experiences.