TechCrunch Early Stage 2022 is back LIVE in San Francisco

It’s been a long time coming folks, but TechCrunch is finally back with our first live, in-person event since, well, the Before Times. Join us on April 14 for TechCrunch Early Stage 2022, located in our spacious San Francisco venue, Pier 27.

There’s a reason we chose TC Early Stage to be our first all-live event. Community building and connection is essential for early-stage founders to find the support they need to stay the difficult course, so you’ll have to be there in-person to participate. Nothing beats the power of face-to face connections — when properly vaxxed, masked and socially distant, of course. We’ll be following the appropriate city, state and federal protocols and recommendations and you can keep tabs on our COVID-19 policy directly on the event page.

Register early and save big:

We’ve got a limited number of tickets available at the introductory price of $199 — once they are gone prices will automatically increase, so secure your TC Early Stage ticket now for the best deal and save $350!

Okay, so what’s in it for you?

This conference focuses on entrepreneurs and founders at every point along the earliest stages of the startup spectrum.

What does that mean? TC Early Stage provides access to essential information, resources and community connection to help you realize your entrepreneurial potential. The summit has your name written all over it if you:

  • Work a full-time job, dream of starting your own business and want to learn how to turn your spark of an idea into a viable startup
  • Bootstrap your startup on the side and need to figure out the next steps that will move you closer to being your own boss
  • Love coding, developing and engineering new products and wonder what it takes to monetize your ideas
  • Run your startup with the funding you scored using the friends-and-family plan and want to figure out the best path to raising a Series A

Throughout the day three concurrent tracks will offer a variety of topics — think protecting your IP, accelerating user growth, structuring your cap table or receiving feedback on your business pitch. Choose from a range of expert-led workshops, plus smaller, more intimate roundtables that foster deeper conversations and connections.

All of this spells access. You’ll engage with the experts and other founders and get real-time feedback about issues currently facing your company or the idea you are trying to get off the ground. You’ll even have access to chat with the TechCrunch editorial staff to gain their perspective on marketplace trends and receive inside tips on how to engage some earned-media exposure. And if you miss anything, you’ll still get all of the session presentations to reference after the event ends.

TC Early Stage is where you’ll actively engage with a community of entrepreneurs, founders and builders. Connect, commiserate and find inspiration with other founders going through a shared journey. Walk away with actionable strategies and advice from industry experts. We’re talking tips that you can use now — when you need them most.

Case in Point: Here’s what Chloe Leaaetoa, the founder of Socicraft, told us about her TC Early Stage experience:

Sequoia Capital’s session, Start with Your Customer, looked at the benefits of storytelling and creating customer personas. My team and I identified seven different user types for our product, and we’ve implemented storytelling to help onboard new customers. That one session alone has transformed my business.

TC Early Stage 2022 takes place — live — on April 14 in San Francisco, California. Get your ticket, join industry experts and like-minded, early-stage travelers to learn how to make your entrepreneurial dream a reality. We can’t wait to see you there — and we’ve waited two long years to say that!

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