LiveHive wants to be a ‘one-stop shop’ for online yoga teachers, PTs and other coaches

Yoga, personal trainers and other kinds of online coaches have a bewildering array of platforms on which they can launch their class, either in platforms specializing in verticals (PTs) or more general ones.

A new U.K. player hopes — perhaps a little optimistically — to make inroads into this market with a “one-stop shop” for live online coaches.

LiveHive is aimed at anyone coaching online — from yoga teachers to professionals offering specialist expertise, personal trainers, influencers and lifestyle gurus. In other words, it’s trying to be all things to all coaches, whether full time, part time or as as a side income.

The B2B platform offers a browser-based video studio; integrated payments and payouts; automatic recordings; integrated social media; and SMS and email notifications for clients.

Co-founder and CEO of LiveHive, Dave Nicholson, said: “Looking at the U.K.’s growing knowledge economy, it was clear that providing live online coaching as a business was too technically complex, time-consuming and confusing. LiveHive makes the entire process simpler, easier and more effective for all involved.”

LifeHive has bootstrapped to date and now plans a seed round.

It is, of course, up against some large and better-funded players, including Moxie and