AWS launches re:Post, a new community-driven Q&A service

At its annual re:Invent conference, AWS announced re:Post, a new community-driven question and answer service designed to help AWS customers remove technical roadblocks. The new service is part of the AWS Free Tier. AWS says re:Post is driven by the community of AWS customers, partners and employees.

“AWS re:Post is an AWS-managed Q&A service offering crowd-sourced, expert-reviewed answers to your technical questions about AWS that replaces the original AWS Forums,” the company explained in a blog post about the announcement. “Community members can earn reputation points to build up their community expert status by providing accepted answers and reviewing answers from other users, helping to continually expand the availability of public knowledge across all AWS services.”

Image Credits: AWS

The company says customers will find re:Post to be an ideal resource when they are building an application using AWS and have a technical question about an AWS service or best practices. It could also be helpful when customers are learning about AWS or are preparing for an AWS certification. In addition, AWS says re:Post could be useful when customers’ teams are debating issues related to design or operations on AWS. Lastly, the service could be used to share your AWS expertise with the community and also build a reputation as a community expert.

Users don’t have to sign in to re:Post to browse the content available. Those who do choose to sign in will have the opportunity to create a profile, post questions and answers and interact with others. Creating a profile will allow users to link their AWS certifications through Credly and to indicate interests in specific AWS technology and services. AWS re:Post automatically shares new questions with community experts based on their areas of expertise.

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