Reddit introduces new real-time features including typing and comment indicators

Reddit is rolling out several new real-time features including voting and comment count animations, typing indicators, reading indicators and new comment indicators. The new features are rolling out globally across Reddit’s desktop, iOS and Android apps starting today.

With this latest update, Reddit says voting will no longer be a static number on posts and feeds, as users will now see dynamic animations as vote counts go up or down in real-time. Similarly, the comment number on posts will also be animated as new comments are posted.

The new typing indicator will show users how many other people are actively typing. The indicator will be displayed via an anonymous avatar count shown in the comment window. Reddit notes that the usernames of people who are typing won’t be shown. The goal of the feature is to keep users interacting with content more often. The new reading indicator works in a similar way and will show users when two or more people are reading a post.

Users will now also be able to see when new comments are being submitted when they are viewing a post. When a user clicks on the new comment indicator, the comments will sort by new and highlight live comments in real time.

“These features are aimed at increasing engagement across Reddit. They answer our question of ‘if other redditors know other redditors are viewing the same content, will users be more likely to contribute?’ The answer: yes. This creates a better user experience and makes Reddit a platform that is engaging with rich media and real-time capabilities,” the company said in a statement.

The launch of these new real-time features comes as Reddit recently rolled out a slew of new video tools. Last week, Reddit announced that it’s shutting down Dubsmash, its short-form TikTok-like video platform, on February 22, 2022. The company acquired Dubsmash in December 2020 and had said it would integrate its video creation tools into Reddit. As part of the integration, Reddit introduced several new video creation tools that were developed by the Dubsmash team.

New camera features include the ability to change recording speeds and the option to set a timer. Users can now also upload videos in landscape, portrait mode and fill, as well as adjust and trim multiple clips. The company is also adding a new editing screen that includes text Stickers, a drawing tool and filters. Users also have the option to add voiceovers or adjust the volume directly on the editing screen.