Frontegg raises $25M for its user management platform

Frontegg, a Tel Aviv-based startup that provides SaaS companies with the core user management tools they need to build their own services, today announced that it has raised a $25 million Series A funding round led by Insight Partners. Existing investors Pitango, which led the company’s $5 million seed round, and Global Founders Capital also participated in this round.

The service describes itself as “the modern user management platform for the product-led era.” While every online service needs these capabilities, they are obviously not a real differentiator for most businesses, but at the same time, they are also a hassle to build.

Current customers include Materialize,, Medigate, Talon Cyber Security and Hunters.AI.

As the company’s co-founder and CEO Sagi Rodin noted, its service is able to provide customers with all of the day-one tools necessary to build their user management systems, including enterprise features like single sign-on, security policies and audit logs. But it also wants to do more than that.

Image Credits: Frontegg

“We aren’t stopping at solving day-one problems, but rather providing a solution that can help companies achieve full product maturity very fast,” he said. “A good example of that is our customer-facing admin portal that contains a rich set of self-serve capabilities that you can enable within your product with a toggle-in experience. In the past, it could take years to develop self-served user management. Now, with Frontegg, a single full-stack developer can make it happen within a few days.”

Frontegg which was founded in 2019, says it will use the new funding to grow its overall engineering team as it looks to accelerate its platform development efforts to cover more use cases, as well as to build out its sales and marketing teams, especially in the United States. Rodin also noted that the company is looking to accelerate its marketplace and channel opportunities with the help of this new round.

All of this hiring is also one of Frontegg’s biggest challenges, Rodin said. That has always been a challenge for Israeli startups, but based on the conversations I’m having with Israeli founders, it is only getting harder as an ever-growing pool of startups and established players is vying for a relatively small pool of candidates.

“In the product-led era, the ever-evolving demands of users and their expectations for a whole set of self-served capabilities within apps are resulting in a continuous drain on engineering resources,” said Praveen Akkiraju, Managing Director at Insight Partners. “The Frontegg team has built a unique solution that handles the heavy lifting of User Management, allowing teams to remain laser-focused on their core product and mission.”