Don’t miss the product demos at iMerit ML DataOps Summit 2021

The iMerit ML DataOps Summit 2021 kicks off on December 2 — that’s just eight days away. Are you ready to improve your DataOps chops? More than 2,500 senior leaders in AI and ML will be in the virtual building, and this is one data deployment you can’t afford to miss.

More good news: This day-long data download is 100% free, but you have to register here to reserve your seat.

This summit is in partnership with iMerit, a leading AI data solutions company providing high-quality data across computer vision, natural language processing and content that powers machine learning and artificial intelligence applications.

This day is positively packed with presentations — from solving edge cases and scaling data pipelines to improve deployment speed to the latest research in motion planning behaviors and the value of humans-in-the-loop. Oh, right — and more!

Can a tech conference really be a tech conference without product demos? Never fear, we’ve got ’em. Take a gander at the demo descriptions below, and then check out the event agenda for exact times for all the programming. Note: Product demos in the agenda have a handy “iMerit Unveils” prefix.

Reporting, Analytics and Insights for Scaling your ML Data Pipeline iMerit’s VP of Product, Glen Ford, shares the challenges companies face when moving from proof-of-concept to production-ready ML deployments. During this phase, workflows within the data pipeline can quickly move from cumbersome to unmanageable. With a single point of management for reporting, analytics and insights, you can scale your ML data pipeline more efficiently and effectively, allowing you to reach your goals faster.

AI Data Solutions for Solving Edge Cases with Greater Precision Edge cases are a major challenge for ML models and, if addressed successfully, they can become the greatest competitive differentiator in your AI. In this quick session, iMerit’s VP of Engineering Sudeep George shares a solution to solve edge cases by creating proprietary data sets with greater precision, turning them into massive opportunities for companies and their AI.

The First End-to-End AI Data Solutions Platform — Companies today face the challenge of piecing together an ML data pipeline solution that allows them to create the high-quality data needed for their ML, while accomplishing it in a scalable, cost-efficient and timely manner. Brett Hallinan, iMerit’s director of Marketing, unveils the first end-to-end AI data solution platform that ensures you receive the structured proprietary data you need to advance your AI.

The iMerit ML DataOps Summit 2021 takes place on December 2. Connect with your global AI and ML community and don’t forget to take a hefty helping of product demos. Register for a free event pass here.