Sustain.Life launches to measure company carbon output, raises $7M pre-seed funding

The number of companies launching that claim to be able to help organizations measure and reduce their carbon output continues apace. There is already Normative, Plan A and any number of others, to varying degrees of depth, detail or approach.

The latest is Sustain.Life, a SaaS platform that comes out of beta today, claiming to provide companies with an “affordable, easy-to-use SaaS platform that empowers organizations to adopt more sustainable business practices”. It says it has also raised $7 million in pre-seed funding to date, although declined to name the investors.

Sustain.Life launches out of beta with pre-baked customers including Dame, and the Sustainable Cannabis Coalition.

The startup offers a free, entry-level tier that includes access to its key carbon accounting features, including scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions calculators. Access to the full platform is priced at $250/month.

Sustain.Life’s offerings include emissions calculators, program management tools, standards alignment tools, employee benefit offerings and a sustainability policies builder.

Annalee Bloomfield, CEO of Sustain.Life and co-founder of 4Sided Venture Studio said:

Operationalizing sustainability is challenging, as it requires navigating complex and dynamic regulatory landscapes; leveraging disparate data from across the organization; and engaging numerous stakeholders. Sustain.Life solves these critical pain points, streamlining the process of implementing a world-class sustainability program by equipping companies across industries with the tools and expert guidance they need to define and achieve their sustainability goals.

Sustain.Life is the first company to be founded by the 4Sided Venture Studio, a startup incubator that builds and invests in B2B SaaS companies.

4Sided and Sustain.Life were co-founded by three former Walmart executives who developed technology for the retail industry at Walmart’s Intelligent Retail Lab: Mike Hanrahan, who previously co-founded; Annalee Bloomfield, current CEO of Sustain.Life; and Patrick Campagnano, former head of Engineering at Walmart’s Intelligent Retail Lab.