Webflow’s Vlad Magdalin and CapitalG’s Laela Sturdy to discuss finding success in no-code

Webflow has raised more than $200 million and become a household name in the world of web design, creation and hosting. What makes Webflow special is that it has been a pioneer in the no-code space, allowing everyday, non-engineer folks to build websites without writing a single line of code.

Unsurprisingly, this has caught the attention of investors and consumers alike. That includes CapitalG’s Laela Sturdy, who joined the Webflow board during the company’s massive Series B fundraise.

So, it should come as no surprise that we’re absolutely thrilled to have Webflow co-founder and CEO Vlad Magdalin and CapitalG partner Laela Sturdy join us on Wednesday, November 3, at 12 p.m. PDT/3 p.m. EDT for an upcoming episode of TechCrunch Live (REGISTER FOR FREE).

TechCrunch Live is a weekly event series at TechCrunch that is focused on helping founders build better venture-backed businesses. We do this by sitting down with founders and the investors who finance them to hear how they came together on the deal and how they work together moving forward. Sometimes, we even get to walk through the company’s old pitch deck to learn what truly sang.

About halfway through the episode, we move to the TCL Pitch-Off, where folks in the audience can volunteer to hop on our virtual stage and pitch their startup to our expert guests, who offer their live feedback.

Considering the immense success that Webflow has had both fundraising and growing its customer base, and remembering how sought-after a firm CapitalG is, this episode is sure to delight, entertain and inform.

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