Spotify partners with Peloton to launch new playlists featured in its Workout Hub

Spotify is partnering with Peloton to launch a new dedicated “Curated by Peloton” shelf within the streaming service’s “Workout Hub.” Starting today, Spotify users will get access to seven rotating playlists from Peloton instructors. The playlists include “Running by Peloton,” “Tunde Oyeneyin’s Playlist,” “Strength by Peloton” and more. The curated playlists offer users an inside look into the songs featured in their workout classes.

Spotify has also launched a new “Find Your Instructor” quiz to help users find out which Peloton instructors’ musical tastes align with their own. The quiz asks users a few questions and also looks at their listening behavior to find their best match.

Peloton also notes that it’s marking the partnership with 11 classes featuring songs from some of Spotify’s popular playlists, including “Today’s Top Hits,” “Door Knockers,” “Lofi Beats,” “Indigo” and “Baila Reggaeton.”

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Spotify and Peloton have collaborated. Last year, Peloton introduced dozens of classes that featured songs from Spotify’s “Power Hour,” “Rock This” and “Viva Latino” playlists. Spotify also launched a “Track Love” feature, which allows Peloton users to save their favorite songs as they play during a class.

The partnership expansion comes as both Spotify and Peloton have fared well over the past year, as the pandemic forced people to explore ways to work out and stay motivated at home.

It also comes as Spotify has been looking to expand its service and partner with other digital companies. Last month, the streaming service partnered with e-commerce platform Shopify to allow artists on its service to connect their profiles to their Shopify stores in order to market their merchandise directly to fans through the Spotify app. Spotify also announced a partnership with online GIF database GIPHY earlier this year to enable the discovery of new music through GIFs.