DoorDash rolls out SafeDash, an in-app security toolkit for delivery people on the platform

DoorDash is introducing SafeDash, a new in-app security toolkit aimed at helping its delivery providers feel safe while they work. SafeDash is rolling out in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Users on the delivery side of the platform across the U.S. will get access to SafeDash by the end of the year.

The company has partnered with ADT to launch two new features within the toolkit. The “safety reassurance call” feature lets users connect with an ADT agent through the Dasher app in instances where they may feel unsafe. The ADT agent will remain on the phone until the individual feels safe. If the incident escalates, and the person is unresponsive for a period of time, ADT will contact 911 to request an emergency response to their last known location, based on GPS from their smartphone.

DoorDash is also rolling out an “emergency assistance button” that allows users to seek help if needed. Once a delivery person clicks the button, an ADT agent will contact 911 and discreetly stay in contact with the user via text messages. The agent will then pass along critical information, such as the person’s location, to 911 operators. The company notes that this feature allows users to get help from 911 without having to speak on the phone.

Image Credits: DoorDash

“SafeDash was born out of feedback from Dashers, and our hope is that with access to these tools, we’re giving Dashers yet another resource to feel safe and secure on the road,” said Elizabeth Jarvis-Shean, DoorDash’s vice president of Communications and Policy, in a statement.

DoorDash says it plans to develop more features for the toolkit and is looking to launch virtual education resources, direct communications, educational materials and in-app guidance in the future. It’s worth noting that DoorDash’s SafeDash toolkit is similar to Uber’s driver Safety Toolkit, which also includes an in-app emergency assistance button and several other features.

The launch of SafeDash follows DoorDash’s forecast of a potentially weaker Q3, citing the ongoing uncertainty around how consumer behavior related to the pandemic may continue to impact its business.