Instagram rolls out an ‘Add Yours’ sticker in Stories to create threads users can respond to

Instagram announced today that it’s introducing a new “Add Yours” sticker that creates public threads in Stories. The new feature essentially allows users to respond to other users’ Stories with their own following a prompt or a certain topic. The global launch comes as Instagram initially tested the feature in Indonesia and Japan last month.

The interactive sticker can be used to create a content chain where each user adds their own Story. For instance, a user can post an “Outfit of the Day” Story and then prompt their followers to add their own via the sticker.

“With custom prompts and public responses, you can share the sticker and see who responds to it in their own Stories,” the social media giant said in a tweet.

You can access the new feature by selecting the sticker tool from the top navigation bar when you capture or upload content to your Story. From there, you can select the “Add Yours” sticker to start a public thread. Alternatively, you can respond to an “Add Yours” sticker by clicking on it and adding your own Story to take part in a chain.

Although the feature is aimed at getting users to collaborate, it can also be seen as a way to discover more people to follow. Once you click on the sticker in someone’s Story, you’ll be able to see everyone who has taken part in the thread and view their Stories.

It’s worth noting that the new sticker is somewhat similar to TikTok’s “duet” feature, which allows users to create content featuring an original video. However, Instagram’s feature slightly differs, as it allows you to see everyone’s additional posts in the content chain in one place, whereas TikTok currently doesn’t surface all of the duetted videos that were posted from an original TikTok in one place.

The launch of this latest sticker comes as Instagram made its Link sticker in Stories available to all users last week after previously limiting it to businesses and high-profile creators. The global availability of these two new stickers aims to give users ways to collaborate and share their interests, as Instagram continues to compete with other social media platforms.