Slack is coming to the Oculus Quest

Soon you’ll be able to read incessant Slack messages without ever having to take off your VR headset.

At Facebook’s Connect conference, the company showcased a new framework for bringing 2D apps into the Oculus Store so that users will have to duck out of VR less to check notifications on their phone. While a number of Facebook apps are available today, the company also shared that Slack will soon be coming to the Oculus store.

The Quest has previously had very light support for 2D experiences, with most confined to the Oculus web browser. Facebook also previously rolled out native support for Messenger on the Oculus Quest 2 and announced today that they’ll be bringing support for audio calls to the platform.

In August, Facebook showed off its Horizon Workrooms meeting simulator which integrated with Zoom and promised to bring users a more productive VR experience. The lack of app-support was a major roadblock on the way to this goal.

Typing in VR isn’t exactly a solved problem, so it’s likely that this will be an experience most suited for users that have paired their keyboard to the headset or are more comfortable just checking up on notifications rather than firing off a ton of lengthy messages.