Lockheed, Masten and ispace will talk going to the moon (and back) at TC Sessions: Space

Going to the moon is a laudable ambition, but what are you going to do when you get there? NASA and the private space industry aim to make the most of the lunar surface, and to do so they need to study the environment in the next frontier — as leaders from ispace, Lockheed Martin, and Masten Space will explain at TC Session: Space on December 14-15.

The challenge of safely landing on the lunar surface, once the domain of global superpowers, has become accessible to deep-pocketed private space companies, and it seems certain that the next decade will see landers of numerous “brands” touching down on regolith.

Japan’s ispace recently unveiled the Hakuto-R lander, which is scheduled to launch aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 in 2022 and deliver a set of Canadian, Japanese and UAE payloads to the surface. Then the company will be sending its own rover to the moon in 2023 — assuming the timelines don’t shift at all, which they generally do. Director & COO Takahiro Nakamura will join us to speak to the challenge of going to the moon as a startup — and one outside the popular U.S. ecosystem as well.

Masten Space will soon have a prominent presence both on and off the moon’s surface: it’s being tapped to bring a set of eight payloads there in late 2022, and we’ll check in with CEO Sean Mahoney on how that mission is shaping up. Beyond that the company plans to create a GPS-like system for surface operations on the moon, which future colonists will be sure to thank them for.

Lockheed Martin will be participating in the Artemis program in a number of ways, some underway, others in the future, and the VP & GM of Commercial Civil Space, Lisa Callahan, will be returning to tell us how things have progressed since last year. The news of a new lunar vehicle, lander concept and potentially a commercial space station should provide more than enough fodder for a fascinating conversation.

That’s just one example of the stellar speakers we have on tap at TC Sessions: Space. We’re talking folks like Natalya Bailey, Accion Systems co-founder and CTO, who will talk about advancements in in-space satellite propulsion systems. Plus, Chad Anderson (Space Capital), Jonathan Fentzke (Techstars), Tess Hatch (Bessemer Venture Partners) and Lisa Rich (Xplore) will have a lot to share about investing in space startups from the earliest stages and beyond.

TC Sessions: Space 2021 takes place on December 14-15. Buy your pass now and learn from leading experts how lunar samples may hold the key to living beyond the stars.

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