TikTok brings its Video Kit to desktop, web and consoles

TikTok announced today it’s expanding its Video Kit offering for developers to include those building apps for the web, desktop and consoles, in addition to its previous support for mobile platforms. Alongside the news, the company unveiled a host of new third-party apps that would now integrate with TikTok, including Clipchamp, Combo, Grabyo, Kapwing, Mobcrush and LG U+.

Video Kit is TikTok’s solution, which includes the “Share to TikTok” option that allows third-party tools and apps to integrate with TikTok so their users can upload video files directly to TikTok from their own app’s editing platform. First launched in 2019, Share to TikTok was the first feature introduced in the TikTok for Developers program, which has since expanded to offer new tools like Login Kit and Sound Kit.

Today, Share to TikTok can be found in a number of tools, like Adobe Premiere Rush, Picsart, Enlight Videoleap, Momento GIF Maker and others. These sorts of apps are often used by professional creators who want to be able to make more advanced edits than what’s offered by the TikTok app alone.

By now expanding to include desktop and web tools, as well, TikTok is broadening its reach to even more pro creators and even brands or businesses. Clipchamp, for example, was recently acquired by Microsoft to bring its video creation and editing software to Microsoft’s lineup of productivity software, with the company calling video a new type of “document” that businesses now use to do things like pitch an idea, explain a process or communicate with team members.

‚ÄčCombo’s platform is designed to help creators save time repurposing their content, which could enable streaming services to turn their highlights and clips into TikTok videos. Grabyo’s cloud video production platform gives broadcasters and media publishers the tools to produce, edit and deliver live and real-time video content across all major broadcast, digital and social platforms.

Meanwhile, Super League Gaming-owned Mobcrush offers tools aimed at gamers and livestreamers, while Kapwing’s video editor includes collaborative tools for creative teams. Collaborative platform U2 (provided by LG U+) will include the functionality later this year, allowing creators to work on video storyboards with a team.

TikTok says other developers interested in the new tools can visit developers.tiktok.com to get started.