Puffco keeps innovating dabbing

Puffco is announcing a new upgrade to its over-the-top Peak Pro vaporizer that increases the smoking experience and improves battery life. This upgrade requires users to swap the cooking chamber of their Peak Pro, but a sleek design makes this easy. The new chamber comes just after Puffco announced a clever battery-powered hot knife that makes loading the vape clean and easy. No one said smoking dabs should be this high tech.

Called the 3D Chamber, this chamber is a significant part of the Puffco Peak Pro (this is where the magic happens). Inside, the cannabis material is quickly heated and turned into a vapor. Puffco designed this part so the user can unscrew the chamber for cleaning or replacing or upgrading.

Like the name implies, the 3D Chamber heats the material on all sides. Because of this more efficient heating arrangement, Puffco says the Peak Pro’s battery life is increased by 30%. The user has to update the firmware of the Peak Pro to use the 3D Chamber.

This new chamber will cost $89.99 when it’s available starting in late October 2021.

Image Credits: Puffco

This is the first major accessory for the $399 Puffco Peak Pro, its second-generation concentrate e-rig. The device has users deposit a nug of concentrated cannabis, where it quickly heats, and sends the vapor through a water bong. It’s quick, easy and provides amazing taste and vapor. The new chamber improves the experience. The company sent me a 3D Chamber to try out and I love it. The 3D Chamber improves the Puffco Peak Pro in every way.

Earlier this year the company unveiled a novel battery-powered dabbing tool that features a ceramic tip that quickly heats, causing the concentrate to slide off.

Puffco was founded by Roger Volodarsky in 2013 and is still held privately. The company says it’s on track to hit $100 million in revenue in 2021. It has two main product lines: portable water rigs with the $249 Peak and $399 Peak Pro, and the tiny $89 Puffco Plus concentrate vape pen. Puffco says it has sold over 1 million of the Puffco Plus since launching it in 2016, and newer products are selling at a faster pace.

Puffco’s products are widely praised for their design and function. Their fit and finish is as good as any top-tier electronics from any vendor. The company says it’s targeting a demographic that wants to get closer to the cannabis plant. For validation Puffco points to the growing ecosystem of third-party accessories and its highly engaged fanbase — especially on Instagram, where it has 448,000 followers.