Check out what’s happening tomorrow at TC Sessions: SaaS 2021

It’s officially TC Sessions: SaaS 2021 eve, and tomorrow is a big, busy day for everyone involved with or interested in building the next generation of SaaS startups. Top-line industry experts will cover vital SaaS topics — from fundraising and building to securing and scaling.

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The SaaS agenda features more than 20 presentations, interviews panel discussions and breakout sessions. Got questions? Get answers from CEOs, investors and data masters at this highly interactive conference.

We’re going to point out just a few of tomorrow’s highlights to help you make the most of your time. Don’t worry about schedule conflicts — your pass includes video-on-demand access when the event ends.

One more reminder. You’ll have ample time to network your way to opportunity with the people who can help you grow your business. And of course, you don’t want to miss out on product demos from these early-stage startups exhibiting throughout the day.

Okay, let’s look at what’s happening tomorrow at TC Sessions: SaaS 2021. Check the agenda for exact times, which will automatically reflect your time zone.

Survival of the Fittest: Investing in Today’s SaaS Market: The venture capital world is faster and more competitive than ever. For investors hoping to get into the hottest SaaS deal, things are even crazier. With more non-traditional money pouring into the sector, remote dealmaking now the norm and an increasingly global market for software startups, venture capitalists are being forced to shake up their own operations, and expectations. TechCrunch sits down with Casey Aylward (Costanoa Ventures), Kobie Fuller (Upfront Ventures) and Sarah Guo (Greylock) to discuss how they are fighting for allocation in hot deals, what they’ve changed in their own processes and what today’s best founders are demanding.

Data, Data Everywhere: As companies struggle to manage and share increasingly large amounts of data, it’s no wonder that Databricks, whose primary product is a data lake house, was valued at a whopping $38 billion for its most recent funding round. We’re going to talk to CEO Ali Ghodsi about why his startup is so hot and what comes next.

AI Ethics at Enterprise Scale: Keeping AI models fair and unbiased is a tough enough job in the lab or with a single product. How can it be accomplished at the scale of business being done by Amazon and Salesforce? Amazon AI Applied Science manager Nashlie Sephus and Principle Architect of AI Practice Kathy Baxter will discuss the responsibilities as opportunities of putting ethical practices to work in enterprise applications.

Nine Security Tips for Startups: When startups are in the beginning stages of growth, it becomes harder to balance between taking necessary security measures and bringing the product to market. You don’t want to slow iteration speed, but you also know that there are security steps that need to happen in order to grow the business. How do you balance these competing objectives? Christina Cacioppo, co-founder and CEO of Vanta, shares nine practical tips for building your product with security in mind and how to engage in conversations around security expectations from the start. Presented by Vanta.

Building a Hypergrowth SaaS Startup in a Remote World: It’s hard to stand out in today’s startup market, given the sheer number of companies building, launching and fundraising. But despite all the busyness, Workboard has made waves. Competing in a crowded niche, Deidre Paknad’s upstart tech company has posted huge growth despite COVID-19’s disruptions. We’ll sit down with the CEO to dig into how she managed to scale her company in both revenue and human terms, despite the global pandemic. Founders, expect to learn something!

That should get your SaaS motor running, and of course there’s so much more waiting for you at TC Sessions: SaaS 2021. Don’t have a pass yet? Buy one now and we’ll see you tomorrow!