Adobe brings content attribution tools to Photoshop

Adobe is launching new tools in beta today to help creatives ensure that their work isn’t stolen and for the public to see how images were created (and potentially manipulated). The company, together with a set of partners, first launched its Content Authenticity Initiative two years ago. Today’s work expands on this mission to preserve provenance and attribution data for digital content in order to combat misinformation, and brings it directly into Photoshop.

Specifically, Adobe is launching what it calls “content credentials.” This includes an opt-in feature in Photoshop that cryptographically signs the metadata and edit history of content credentials-enabled images, as well as the automatic download of content credentials from Adobe Stock, the company’s stock imagery service. As you edit photos in Photoshop, the application will automatically update the edit history — including the use of AI tools — and a list of assets you used to create your images in the background.

Image Credits: Adobe

Creatives can also link their social media profiles to crypto wallet addresses from within Photoshop and connect their wallets to Behance, for example.

For consumers, Adobe is now making it easier to see content credentials thanks to its new Verify site.