Apple to release macOS Monterey on October 25

Apple has unveiled some new MacBook Pro models at a virtual conference today. And the company is timing the release of the next major release of macOS with the new laptop. Mac users will be able to update to macOS Monterey on Monday, October 25. This new major release of macOS will be available for free in the App Store.

macOS Monterey comes with Safari 12, which you might already be using on macOS Big Sur. It lets you create tab groups that you can sync between your devices and it features a brand new design. The new tab design has been controversial but it sounds like Apple isn’t done tweaking it.

FaceTime is also receiving some new features. SharePlay isn’t part of this update just yet, but you’ll now be able to share your screen, turn on Portrait mode, view your friends in a grid view and create links so that people on other devices can join your conversation — yes, even Windows PCs.

The new Focus modes that were introduced with iOS 15 are also coming to the Mac. You’ll be able to create a Work mode, a Gaming mode or whatever you want. When you change your mode on one Apple device, it changes it on all other Apple devices you use.

With macOS Monterey, your Mac is now an AirPlay device. You can send music or videos from your phone to your Mac display. Essentially, it works like AirPlay on an Apple TV.

When it comes to automation, the Shortcuts app is landing on the Mac. It’ll gradually replace Automator, but Automator is sticking around for now.

A ton of apps are also receiving small or big updates, such as Notes, Messages and Maps. And if you like to use your MacBook during long trips, you’ll be able to turn on Low Power Mode on your computer.

If you think your Mac works fine right now, Apple won’t force you to update to macOS Monterey. You can keep using a previous major release of macOS for as long as you want.

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