Waze is rolling out a new ‘Drive with Headspace’ experience to make commutes less stressful

Waze announced today it’s partnering with meditation app Headspace to roll out a new “Drive with Headspace” experience aimed at making commutes less stressful. The navigation app maker says the new integration is meant to help drivers learn how to “find more joy and meaning on the road.” The Headspace experience allows users to choose from five moods, including aware, bright, hopeful, joyful and open.

Drivers will also be able to listen to a custom Spotify playlist with music and content from Headspace, which is available through the Waze audio player. Users can also choose to swap out the in-app car icon for a “serene ride in a hot air balloon.” Additionally, the experience offers custom navigation prompts from Headspace’s director of meditation, Eve Lewis Prieto.

“Traffic is the worst. The longer you’re in it, the worse your blood pressure, sleep, back pain, and risk of depression. As more and more people get back into the rhythm of having to commute to school or work, many are finding themselves stuck in traffic again,” Waze said in a blog post. “To find a way to help combat the negative effects of traffic and encourage drivers to enjoy their drives, on the heels of World Mental Health Day, we turned to our friends at Headspace.”

The Headspace experience is available starting today for a limited time in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Users can activate the experience by tapping “My Waze” to find the new “Drive with Headspace” banner.

Waze has been rolling out numerous driving experiences over the past few years to make its users’ commutes more entertaining. For instance, the company recently launched Paw Patrol, Fraggle Rock and Pride-themed experiences over the summer. It has also integrated with a number of subscription services, like Audible, Spotify, Pandora, YouTube Music and iHeartRadio to make it easier to navigate while using your favorite apps.