Rocket Lab acquires spaceflight software and mission simulation company ASI for $40M+

Rocket Lab is acquiring a Colorado-based space software company called Advanced Solutions, Inc. (ASI) for $40 million, with as much as $5.5 million in additional performance-based earnouts also available based on the company’s 2021 calendar year performance. ASI’s expertise lies in flight software for spacecraft, including guidance, navigation and control (GNC) offerings, as well as mission simulation and test software. It’s meant to help Rocket Lab build out its Space Systems division and round out its efforts to become a true “end-to-end” space company.

Rocket Lab’s primary business since founding has been launch, where its own expertise in building and flying its Electron light lift rockets has given it a unique position in the emerging commercial launch market. The company also acquired Sinclair Interplanetary last year, which added key capabilities in terms of developing and producing spacecraft hardware components. ASI’s more than 20 years of experience in the field of space software, which has been used for multiple orbital and interplanetary missions, help Rocket Lab bolster that aspect of the service offerings it can make available to customers in terms of not only launching missions, but also planning, testing and operating them as well.

Under the terms of the deal, the ASI team will remain in Colorado and continue to be run by the firm’s founder and CEO John Cuseo, and it will maintain its relationships with existing customers. This also allows Rocket Lab to set up shop and grow its team in the Colorado area, which is a hotbed of both public and private space industry activity.