TikTok adds new sound partners to allow brands to leverage audio on the platform

TikTok is announcing new partnerships aimed at making it easier for brands to tap into music and sound on the platform. The company has expanded its TikTok Marketing Partners program and introduced six certified partners that will help brands create “sound-on” strategies for the platform. TikTok notes that it essentially wants to connect brands with trusted partners that will be able to help them leverage its “sound-on” environment to engage with consumers.

The company’s new sound partners will offer audio with two categories: custom sound and subscription sound. The new custom sound partners are KARM, MassiveMusic and The Elements Music. TikTok notes that custom sound partners create tracks that aim to increase community participation around challenges and campaigns.

The new subscription sound partners are Epidemic Sound, Songtradr and UnitedMasters. These new partners offer music offerings through monthly, yearly or project-based licensing plans. TikTok says the two categories will support a variety of campaign objectives for brands on its platform.

“Sound is the universal language of TikTok, and brands need to embrace music and sound in order to show up authentically on the platform. Our new Sound Partners have a proven track record of helping marketers develop strategies for TikTok, and offer scalable options for brands of all sizes,” Tiktok’s head of ecosystems, Melissa Yang, said in a blog post. “We’re excited to see more brands tap into sound on TikTok and make meaningful connections with the community through creative, sound-on strategies.”

TikTok prides itself on having a sound-on environment that allows brands to get involved with audiences by remixing trending sounds or creating their own jingle. Although some marketers may be used to creating sound-off advertising to reach more people, TikTok says sound on its platform has introduced a new storytelling dynamic for brands. For instance, TikTok notes that 65% of users prefer content from brands that feature original sounds, while 68% say they remember brands better if they feature songs they like in their ads.

TikTok has been looking for ways to make it easier for brands on its platform to connect with users while also bringing on more brands to its roster. Last week, the company introduced plans to launch new interactive ad formats, ranging from clickable stickers to “Choose Your Own Adventure”-type ads. Further, this latest sound partner expansion comes a week after the company announced a slate of new brand partners for TikTok Shopping, including Square, Ecwid and PrestaShop. TikTok plans to add Wix, SHOPLINE, OpenCart and BASE soon.

The platform is among several digital giants looking for ways to help brands reach more audiences and connect better with users with a differentiated feature set. For instance, Pinterest rolled out new shopping features for brands earlier this week aimed at getting users to purchase more items at once. Additionally, YouTube made ads on connected TVs more shoppable earlier this week to help advertisers drive more online sales and grow their businesses. As digital companies continue their push into e-commerce, they’re finding ways to keep both brands and users engaged on their platforms.