Apple launches new coding guide for elementary school students

Apple is rolling out several new resources for elementary school students, including a new “Everyone Can Code Early Learners” activity guide. The new guide extends Apple’s curriculum resources from kindergarten to college. This latest rollout is part of the tech giant’s Everyone Can Code initiative, which aims to help educators and families introduce coding to students early on.

“Coding and app design are essential literacies — these skills help students think critically and creatively, regardless of whether they go on to be app developers,” said Susan Prescott, Apple’s vice president of education and enterprise marketing, in a statement. “Apple now offers coding resources for learners from kindergarten to college and challenges them to design amazing apps that are inclusive and accessible to users.”

The Everyone Can Code Early Learners guide will allow students in kindergarten through third grade to build a foundation in core coding concepts through several subjects including music, art, science and physical education. For instance, Apple notes that students will learn about coding commands through dance moves. Another exercise will ask students to discuss calming techniques to allow for social-emotional learning.

Apple is also encouraging educators to try its new one-hour inclusive “App Design” activity session. The new lesson aims to help teachers guide their students to remember the importance of inclusion and accessibility when it comes to designing apps. The session essentially helps students think critically about how to build apps. The lesson will help students identify problems they’re passionate about and then plan solutions.

Apple is also adding support for a survey tool called “exit tickets” within its Schoolwork app. The tech giant notes that exit tickets are a way for educators to check in with students during or after class through questions aimed at gauging reactions and engagement. Teachers now also have the ability to create Schoolwork accounts for students more easily.

The Everyone Can Code Early Learners guide is available as a free download for families and educators on The guide is launching in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish, with support for more languages to come. Apple has been expanding its Everyone Can Code program over the years and making it available for more ages. In 2019, Apple launched a program called Everyone Can Code Puzzles, which aims to help students experiment with concepts. Last year, the tech giant launched Everyone Can Code Adventures, a new program with more advanced activities.