helps your team communicate better during outages has raised a $4.7 million funding round led by Index Ventures and Point Nine. When your company is facing an outage or a data breach, provides the right framework to communicate about the issue — both internally and externally — and make sure it is resolved as quickly as possible.

In addition to Index Ventures and Point Nine, several business angels are also investing in the company, such as Monzo founders Tom Blomfield and Jonas Templestein, Eileen Burbidge of Passion Capital, Renaud Visage, the co-founder of Eventbrite, as well as some clients, such as Hiroki Takeuchi of GoCardless and Vinay Hiremath of Loom. starts with a deep integration with Slack. Many teams have to deal with multiple tools. They track an outage on one service and then talk about it with the rest of the team in Slack. That seems inefficient and leads to information disparity.

With, everything happens in Slack. Incidents are announced in a Slack channel so that people can get notified when something happens. People can create incidents with a /incident shortcut.

After that, automatically creates a separate channel about the specific issue with the current date. Once again, you can interact with the service from the chat box in Slack or click on buttons. For instance, you can assign an issue to someone, add a summary, escalate the issue and more.

And because it’s a Slack channel, people can discuss the issue in that channel as well. This way, all information remains available in the same place. When you add people to an ongoing incident, they receive a summary from so that they don’t have to ask unnecessary questions.

That information isn’t just restricted to Slack. Customers get their own dashboard with a list of incidents. Each incident gets its own page with participants and a timeline of events. For instance, GitHub pull requests are automatically added to these timelines.

You can leverage this information to create a post-mortem post, share it with the team or your customers. Essentially, companies using likely handle issues more gracefully and are more transparent about those issues. It should lead to a better experience for both team members and customers.