Here’s what’s happening on day two at TechCrunch Disrupt 2021

Day one of TechCrunch Disrupt 2021 is in the history books, and we hope you found it as thrilling and filled with ah-ha and oooh-ahh moments as we did. Today, entrepreneurial opportunity beckons again as day two gets underway. Check out the next round of Startup Battlefield, connect with investors using CrunchMatch or pose questions to a multitude of experts over at the Extra Crunch Stage.

Disrupt is your oyster, and we’re here to help you shuck it for opportunities. Here’s a quick look at some of the stellar startup goodness scheduled for today. You’ll find all the days’ events and times listed in the Disrupt agenda.

Ready? Then grab your coffee, get crackin’ and be sure to have fun while you’re at it.

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Illuminating the Next Great Entertainment Frontier: The Connected TV Metaverse

While the proliferation of operating systems and OTT platforms have made TV more convenient and accessible, the magnitude of players in this ecosystem have also made television more complicated to navigate — for programmers, advertisers and viewers. We all want our programming in each of its various delivery methods, provided in an easy-to-navigate, fast-to-discover, intuitive interface. Join an in-depth conversation with media industry veterans and technology futurists as they identify the outlook of the CTV world. Brought to you by Foxxum | rlaxx TV.

The New Human and Planetary Health Pioneers

Mammoth Biosciences, co-founded by Nobel Laureate Jennifer Doudna, is the industry’s first CRISPR platform company. It has already delivered a breakthrough COVID test and has inked partnerships for novel CRISPR diagnostics, therapeutics and biomanufacturing with leading healthcare companies. NotCo is combining artificial intelligence and deep science to re-invent the food industry, starting with a milk alternative product with many more to come. Hear about the founder journey from these breakout companies and tips for scaling your business.

Crafting a Lunar Trajectory in Newspace

Rocket Lab has upgraded its ambitions from building a global launch empire to designing its own spacecraft and visiting the moon and beyond. Founder and CEO Peter Beck will speak to the challenges and opportunities lying ahead for his fast-growing space and tech outfit.

How to Sign Your First Three B2B Customers

The secret to revenue growth is great sales, but the definition of “great” and “sales” has changed dramatically post-COVID. Virtual meetings, simple onboarding, product-led growth and more have upended the traditional approach to sales for enterprise companies, requiring new tactics for founders to get the kind of skyrocketing growth they desire and lock in those first customers. Join Kate Taylor of Notion, Pablo Viguera of Belvo and Vineet Jain of Ennyte as we discuss the best practices for handling sales in a re-energized 2021 economy.

That’s what we call a great start to an incredible day filled with (all together now): Opportunity! We’ll meet back here tomorrow for a sneak peek at day three.