Submit your pitch deck now for live feedback at TechCrunch Disrupt 2021 next week (Update: Closed)

The art of pitching is perhaps the most important art that a founder learns on their journey to unicorn status and beyond. And like any art, it helps to get some critical feedback along the way from the judges on the other side of the table.

That’s why at every Disrupt, we host Pitch Deck Teardown, a panel of VCs who read and critique several pitch decks in a row to offer feedback on everything from the overarching narrative and story to the mundane details of format, typography and colors.

At TechCrunch Disrupt 2021 next week, I’m excited to be hosting Maren Bannon of January Ventures, Bling Capital’s Ben Ling and Vanessa Larco of NEA for our next iteration of this popular workshopping panel.

If you’re a founder and want to submit your deck for consideration, head on over to this trusty Google Form (Update: we’ve received a lot of entries and submissions are closed – thanks everyone!) and upload a copy of your pitch deck in PDF format. Remember that this will be presented publicly, so make sure it’s appropriate for a live studio audience. We’ll be selecting roughly six of them for inclusion in the event, and we’ll notify by email the founders selected.

Come join us next week! And if you need tickets to Disrupt, we still have some available for all the virtual excitement across two stages and dozens of fireside chats and panels.