Aileen Lee and Guild Education’s Rachel Carlson will share how to get to yes on Extra Crunch Live

Aileen Lee is one of the most prestigious and successful venture capitalists of the past decade. Before starting her own firm in Cowboy Ventures, Lee was a partner at KPCB for more than 12 years. Her portfolio includes DocSend, Ironclad, Philz Coffee, StyleSeat and many, many more.

So it should come as no surprise that we’re absolutely thrilled to have Lee join us alongside one of her portfolio company founders, Guild Education’s Rachel Carlson, on an upcoming episode of Extra Crunch Live. Click to register for free!

Extra Crunch Live brings founders and their investors together to pop the lid off of the black box that is fundraising. How did they meet? Why did they choose each other? What got them to yes? How do they work together now?

These are the pieces of the fundraising process that often aren’t covered in your average “how to fundraise” blog posts and programming, and we’re here to get these questions answered.

Extra Crunch Live also features the ECL Pitch-off, which gives folks in the audience the chance to raise their hand and pitch their startup to our guests, who will give their live feedback.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s get to know our guests.

Lee has been one of the most sought-after investors in Silicon Valley for as long as I’ve been in tech. A founding partner at All Raise, she is committed to diversity and inclusion and has an eye for talent, realizing that the former often precedes the latter.

She’s been on the Midas List a handful of times, and is also listed as one of Forbes’ most influential people.

Rachel Carlson founded Guild Education in 2015 and has led the company since. Guild has raised upwards of $370 million from investors that include General Catalyst, Felicis, Bessemer and more.

We’ll talk to these two about how to get to yes, what sings in a pitch deck and how they operate as partners to this day.

Extra Crunch Live is 100% free to folks who attend live, but only Extra Crunch members can access the content on-demand. If you’re not yet an Extra Crunch member, sign up here.

This episode of Extra Crunch Live goes down August 25 at 12pm PT/3pm ET. See you there!