The latest distraction-free Freewrite features an Ernest Hemingway monogrammed attaché case

In our review last year, we called the Freewrite Traveler “outstanding, but expensive.” The latest version of Astrohaus’ distraction-free word processing hardware tool does little to address the latter concern. In fact, the Ernest Hemingway Freewrite Signature Edition comes in at a full $300 more than its predecessor.

But the latest edition of the hardware strives to be something more than just a utilitarian writing tool. In fact, Astrohaus secured the blessing from the Ernest Hemingway estate for the new version of a product that began life as the “Hemingwrite” for its 2014 Kickstarter campaign.

The product strives to live up to some of the ethos and/or aesthetics of “The Sun Also Rises” author. “Even though we changed the name to Freewrite in 2015, the original Hemingwrite concept is what captured the world’s attention,” co-founder and CEO Adam Leeb said in a release tied to the news. This time out, however, the company secured the family’s blessing.

The new version trades portability for aesthetic, with the inclusion of an attaché case that brings to mind both writers’ tools of yore and, more recently, retro turntables from companies like Crosley. There were, of course, travel typewriters that came with their own carrying case, but the Freewrite’s significantly slimmer profile makes the setup far more compact.

Here’s Astrohaus’ write-up of the hardware [best read in a Ron Burgundy voice]:

The Hemingwrite features an exclusive design with green keycaps and a hand-polished aluminum chassis that is uncoated and will develop a unique patina over time. Each unit is finished by hand – no two are exactly alike. Every Hemingwrite comes with a Hemingway monogramed cleaning cloth and an exclusive attaché case to safely store the device and elegantly transport it anywhere inspiration is found. The hard-sided Hemingwrite Attaché Case is crafted from rich cognac leather and a cream-colored velvet lining. A deep pocket is located inside to store books, pens, notebooks, or other pieces of writing inspiration.

If you’re looking for something to reduce the distractions that come from writing on a laptop, while ramping up the aesthetic homage to days of yore, the Ernest Hemingway Freewrite Signature Edition is available now for $899.