5 reasons why you should attend TC Early Stage 2021: Marketing

It’s almost go-time for all you early-stage startup founders. That’s right, on July 8-9 thousands of determined entrepreneurs around the world will gather virtually for the best little two-day bootcamp we like to call TC Early Stage 2021: Marketing and Fundraising.

Two days focused on the bottom-line essentials to build your start up the right way. Here we lay out five reasons why you should stop what you’re doing, buy your pass and invest in a conference designed to make your work life a whole lot easier.

1. Learn from leading startup experts

We packed the agenda with incredible subject-matter experts who will offer highly interactive presentations across a range of topics every startup founder needs to know. Listen, engage and learn so you can avoid painful, expensive missteps and move forward without having to reinvent the wheel.

“Vlad Magdalin, founder of Webflow, was very candid about the challenges he faced on his journey to success. You always hear about startups that raise millions of dollars, but you don’t necessarily hear about the ups and downs it takes to get to that point. It’s important for early founders to see that side, too.” — Ashley Barrington, founder of MarketPearl and Early Stage 2020 attendee.

2. Implement advice right out of the gate

Plenty of conferences are long on opinion but short on advice that you can adapt and fold into your business now — when you need it the most. You won’t find that happening at TC Early Stage. Chloe Leaaetoa, the founder of Socicraft, told us she came away for Early Stage 2020 with tips she could implement right away.

“Sequoia Capital’s session, Start with Your Customer, looked at the benefits of storytelling and creating customer personas. I took the idea to my team, and we identified seven different user types for our product, and we’ve implemented storytelling to help onboard new customers. That one session alone has transformed my business.”

3. Expand your network

Big networks offer more opportunities. It’s just that simple. You’ll have plenty of time to expand your networking empire at Early Stage. And, as Ashley Barrington notes, you never know where a chance meeting might lead one day.

“CrunchMatch made it easy to set up short networking sessions with attendees all over the world, and that was a big benefit. I met other early-stage founders to learn what they’re working on, pool resources and connect for potential future opportunities.

4. Improve your pitch deck

Day two features a pitch-off between 10 early-stage founders. They’ll present their pitches and receive invaluable feedback from our panel of esteemed judges. Even if you’re not on that virtual stage pitching your heart out, you’ll learn a lot by tuning in. Take it from Katia Paramonova, founder and CEO of Centrly, who attended Early Stage 2020.

“The pitch deck teardown session was great. VCs reviewed my deck and gave specific, actionable advice. Watching them provide comments on other decks was helpful, too. We’re incorporating the feedback and when we start fundraising, the improved slides will make it easier for VCs to understand our value proposition.”

5. Connect with your community

Every TechCrunch event, whether it’s TC Early Stage, Disrupt or TC Sessions, strives to provide a sense of community. Why? Because you may go faster alone, but you’ll go further together. Commune, commiserate and celebrate with your tribe of early-stage founders.

“TechCrunch does this thing of connecting total strangers to create a genuinely supportive community. We’re all trying to do the same thing, which is bring our idea to life and make it a reality. I loved that unexpected benefit.” — Jessica McLean, director of marketing and communications at Infinite-Compute.

Buy your pass and join your community at TC Early Stage 2021: Marketing and Fundraising on July 8-9. We can’t wait to welcome you!

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