TC Sessions: Space is returning in December

Last year, we held our first dedicated space startup event, TC Sessions: Space, featuring some of the industry’s top founders and leaders, including Rocket Lab’s Peter Beck, Lockheed Martin’s Lisa Callahan, Amazon’s Dave Limp, NASA’s Kathy Lueders and many more. This year, we’re excited to announce we’re doing it again with TC Sessions: Space 2021, happening virtually December 14-15.

Even in just the few short months between when we held TC Sessions: Space in 2020 and now, there’s been a lot of major activity in the industry, including many launches and the addition of plenty more in-space infrastructure. NASA is signaling more strongly than ever that it wants to encourage the private sector to replace the International Space Station at the end of its useful life, and is working with more startups than ever in its pursuit of ever-greater public-private collaboration.

This year is also set to be one of the busiest yet in terms of new commercial launch companies coming online, with planned debut commercial or test orbital flights from companies including Astra, Relativity Space and Firefly Aerospace. And with more constellations in operation, built out of satellites equipped with sensors capable of providing new and more detailed data for commercial use back on Earth, the timing is right for startups everywhere to leverage a new data gold rush to build businesses based on in-space resources that just weren’t available before.

We’ll be diving into this much-expanded launch market, and in the many opportunities available in taking the exploding wealth of data from space-based sources and making those readily available for use on Earth, at TC Sessions: Space this year. We’re also looking forward to hearing more about what’s next in human space exploration, and in securing the stars for the safety and continued access of all. Get a jump start and save $100 when you grab your early-bird tickets now!