Nothing’s first product, the Ear 1 earbud, launches in June

Say what you will, Nothing has been doing a fine job milking its upcoming launch for all it’s worth. The company has spent the last several month’s teasing the arrival of its first product. The launch will find the company entering the already extremely crowded earbuds category in June, with the arrival of the simply named Ear 1.

Founder Carl Pei teased the forthcoming product in a blog post today, while adding that the company was still a ways off from fully achieving its mission statement of hardware products that simply disappear.

“For those hoping for a disappearing act overnight, Ear 1 falls short,” Pei writes. “The greatest visions are not realized with the flip of a switch, but instead through countless small successes. Ear 1 is just the start. Design is still top secret but what we can tell you is that Ear 1 combines notes of transparency, iconic form, and refined  functionality. It is the starting point that will define the artistry, confidence and craftsmanship that will carry our products and services for years to come.”

Pre-launch hype around the company and product is certainly understandable. Beyond teasing the launch piece by piece, Pei has earned goodwill as the co-founder of OnePlus. The company grew at an impressive rate, courtesy of quality smartphones at an affordable price point, all while maintaining a direct line to its fanbase.

The forthcoming product maintains OnePlus’ simple naming scheme. “Can you guess what the sequel will be called?” the executive asks rhetorically. “Good. Us too.”

OnePlus has also entered the earbuds game, including, most recently, the launch of the fully wireless OnePlus Buds.