Roam Robotics introduces a smart knee brace

There are lot of companies out there making robotic exoskeletons. In fact, it’s one of the more active categories in the space — and for good reason. These sorts of technologies have the ability to profoundly impact the future of how people work, move and rehabilitate.

The category also houses a surprisingly broad range of solutions, with something like the sci-fi Sarcos at one end and Roam on the other. Roam’s solution is really putting the wearable back in wearable robotics. Specifically, the company makes assistive devices out of fabrics, rather than metal.

Ultimately, that means the loss of some of the strength of more industrial solutions, but it also means they’re more suited for every day use. That’s precisely why something like the robotic smart knee orthosis makes a lot of sense. The product, which was recently registered with the FDA as a Class I medical device, utilizes AI for an adapted technology that senses the wearer’s movements and adjusts accordingly.

Image Credits: Roam Robotics

“Roam is focused on a massively underserved market. More than 20% of the global population is limited by their body’s mobility, and as medical advancements help people live longer that number is only going to increase,” co-founder and CEO Tim Swift said in a release tied to the news. “Our approach to wearable robotics works seamlessly with the human body to help people lead healthier, happier and more active lives, unhindered by physical limitations.”

The product, which joins the company’s skier and military-focused offers, sports embedded sensors that can detect things like movement up and down stairs and standing up from a seated position. It utilizes a power source and air compressor to create motion to assist in movement.

The device is up for preorder and starts shipping later this summer.