Learn about creating equity in tech with Rep. Barbara Lee at TechCrunch Sessions: Justice

Rep. Barbara Lee, who has represented the East Bay of California since 1998, is one of Congress’s staunchest proponents of diversity in tech. Representing Oakland, Emeryville and other cities nestled around the hills of the East Bay, she knows all too well about the benefits reaped by those in Silicon Valley, San Francisco and beyond.

We are happy to announce that Rep. Lee will be joining us for a fireside chat at TechCrunch Sessions: Justice in just a few days.

By focusing on racial injustice, among the many other issues facing her constituency, Lee has highlighted the ways in which access to tech remains out of reach for people from underserved communities. And this doesn’t just refer to the so-called “pipeline problem,” which is, arguably, a myth. It is also about the lack of tech education in early grades through high school, as well as a lack of access to computers and reliable broadband, which most of us take for granted.

We will speak with Lee about the opportunities that the tech industry has to create for an equal playing field in tech so that underrepresented investors, founders, designers, coders and the like can take part in everything it has to offer. We will also discuss her membership in the Congressional Black Caucus, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, as well as her role as co-chair of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus — the burgeoning cannabis industry will be a good place to start.

Head here to secure your seat to TechCrunch Sessions: Justice. In addition to Rep. Lee, you’ll hear from Backstage Capital’s Arlan Hamilton on finding the next big opportunities in tech, learn how to creatively navigate remote fundraising from top investors, examine the importance of accessible product design and learn how to battle algorithmic bias. Register now.