Tesla has decided to sell the cheaper Model Y standard range after all

Tesla has started taking orders for a cheaper standard-range version of the Model Y in an apparent reversal by CEO Elon Musk who earlier this year seemed to put on hold plans to release the vehicle. 

Electrek was the first to report that Tesla had updated its website to include the Model Y standard range, which will start at $41,990. That’s nearly $9,000 cheaper than the long-range version that is currently sold by Tesla. The Model Y standard range is a rear-wheel drive while the long-range and even more expensive performance versions comes in all-wheel drive.

The cheaper price comes with a lower estimated EPA range of 244 miles compared to the 326 miles in the long-range version. 

Tesla said nearly two years ago that it planned to begin producing the standard-range version of the Model Y in spring 2021. But in July, Musk tweeted that the variant had been removed from the website because the lower-range “would be unacceptably low (< 250 mile EPA).”

Tesla is now offering a seven-seat option for the Model Y as well, according to updates on its website.