What to expect tomorrow at TC Sessions: Space 2020

Ready to explore an incredible range of space technology from the comfort of your own home or office? TC Sessions: Space 2020 starts tomorrow, December 16, and we’re here to point out just some of the events, presentations and fireside chats waiting for you on day one.

You’ll hear from and engage with the world’s top space experts, founders, scientists, engineers and investors across public, private and defense sectors. You’ll learn where and how to access the funds to fuel your dreams and launch your startup.

You can still buy a pass here before prices increase tomorrow, and we also offer discounts for groupsstudents and active military/government employees. Note: Expo Ticket holders can only access the exhibition area and the breakout sessions (both live stream and VOD). Want to upgrade your pass to access all the main-stage presentations? Shoot us an email at events@techcrunch.com for assistance.

Strap in and get ready for lift off, folks. Like the OSIRIS-Rex, we’re going to puff a bit of nitrogen gas at the agenda and blow a sampling of the day’s events into your consciousness (yes, we puffed, but we did not inhale). You’ll find a complete listing of all the sessions in the event agenda.

Asteroid Rocks and Moon Landings: From robots scooping rocks from the surface of galaxy-traveling asteroids, to preparing for the return of humans to the surface of the moon, we’ll cover all aspects of scientific and civil exploration of the solar system. Lisa Callahan, vice president & general manager of Commercial Civil Space, Lockheed Martin Space.

From Space Rock Returns to Financial Returns — An Investor Panel: Some investors spend a lot of their time looking to the stars for the next venture capital opportunity. It’s a market unlike any other, but does that change the math on equity-based investment? Don’t forget to submit your questions for the panel. Chris Boshuizen (Data Collective DCVC), Mike Collett (Promus Ventures) and Tess Hatch (Bessemer Venture Partners).

Fast Money — Working with the Army to Operationalize Science for Transformational Overmatch: Learn about DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory and the xTech Program of prize competitions that accelerate innovative solutions that can help solve Army challenges. Peter Khooshabeh (DEVCOM, ARL West) and Ashley Kowalski (The Aerospace Corporation).

Founders in Focus: We sit down with the founders poised to be the next big disruptors in the space industry. Here we chat with Will Edwards, CEO of Firehawk Aerospace, a custom rocket engine design and manufacturing company.

You’ve had just a tiny taste of what to expect on day one. We’ve initiated the launch sequence and we’re in the final countdown. Buy a pass today before prices increase tonight, join us at TC Sessions: Space 2020 and set your coordinates for out-of-this-world opportunity.

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