Extra Crunch Live: Join GC’s Peter Boyce and Katherine Boyle for a live Q&A right now

It’s a special day; we’re hosting the year’s final episode of Extra Crunch Live with General Catalyst’s Peter Boyce and Katherine Boyle at 4 p.m. EST/1 p.m. PST.

Extra Crunch members can join the live conversation (details below) or catch it on demand. Questions from the audience are not just allowed, they’re highly encouraged, so if you’re not yet an Extra Crunch member, sign up here and join the fun!

General Catalyst is widely recognized as one of the top venture capital firms, with portfolio companies that include Snap, Kayak, Airbnb, Stripe, HubSpot and GitLab.

Boyce has been with General Catalyst since 2013, leading investments in companies like Ro, Macro, towerIQ and Atom. He also supported some big deals, including investments in Giphy, Jet.com and Circle. He also co-founded Rough Draft Ventures, an investment arm of General Catalyst focused on funding first-time CEOs out of university.

Boyle was previously a business reporter at The Washington Post before joining General Catalyst, which gives her a unique perspective on the entrepreneurial landscape. She’s invested in several companies, including AirMap, Origin and Nova Credit and has joined us for previous events to lay out some advice for startups navigating governmental rules.

We’re amped to discuss which opportunities are exciting them these days, how tech, innovation and venture has changed amid the pandemic, what they look for in a pitch, and much, much more.

You really won’t want to miss it.

Oh, and if this is of interest, I highly suggest you check out our library of ECL episodes right here. We’ve spoken to big names like Roelof Botha, Jason Green, Alexa von Tobel, Aileen Lee, Charles Hudson and many others.

Catch the details for today’s call below.

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