Spotify adds a built-in podcast playlist creation tool, ‘Your Episodes’

Spotify today launched a new feature designed to give podcast listeners a new way to organize and save content they want to listen to at a later time or keep their favorite episodes bookmarked for easy access. The feature, called “Your Episodes,” lets you bookmark individual episodes from any podcast, which are then added to a new “Your Episodes” playlist.

This playlist is found pinned to the top of Your Library in the Music Playlist and Podcast Episodes tabs, says Spotify.

The new option could be useful for those times when a podcast you don’t normally subscribe to has a show you want to listen to — like an interview with a favorite celebrity, for example, or a discussion about a topic you’re passionate about. It also could be used to sample a podcast you’re unsure of by adding a couple of episodes to a playlist to see how well you enjoy its content.

For example, if Spotify recommended a particular podcast based on your current listening habits, you could visit the show’s page and create a custom playlist of the episodes that looked most interesting.

In addition, users could take advantage of this new bookmarking feature to save favorite episodes they may want to listen to again at some point.

To save an episode, you’ll just click the plus icon (“+”) on an episode card or an episode page to add the show to the playlist. The playlist can include up to 10,000 episodes, Spotify says, and they’ll remain there until they’re manually removed.

Spotify has dabbled with podcast playlists before today. Last year, it began allowing users to add podcasts to their playlists and launched a combo music-and-podcast playlist for commuters called “Your Daily Drive.” Earlier this year, Spotify also rolled out a set of editorially curated podcast playlists to encourage discovery.

The new save feature simplifies the process of making a podcast playlist, however, as it allows users to quickly add content to a built-in playlist with a tap instead of having to go through the more involved process of custom playlist creation.

The company says the new feature is rolling out starting today on iOS and Android to both Free users and Premium subscribers in all markets where podcasts are available.