Lotame unveils its new cookie-less tech for ad targeting

Data management company Lotame is announcing a new way for publishers and marketers to track identity that it calls Panorama ID.

For years, online advertisers have relied on cookies to track and target audiences, but they need new approaches as the major browsers phase out support for third-party cookies. (This shift isn’t limited to cookies. For example, Apple is forcing developers to allow users to opt out of ad tracking next year.)

To adapt to an internet without cookies, a Lotame spokesperson told me that the Panorama ID is built on top of the company’s Cartographer technology, which helps publishers unify their first-party data.

This approach combines different elements of user identity — such as device identifiers, customer IDs and hashed email addresses — with associated behaviors. The company says that on average, a single pseudonymous ID will include 119 web and 89 mobile attributes.

Lotame says that the Panorama ID will be able to unite user behavior across devices, enabling advertisers to target audiences through header bidding. They’ll also be able to effectively employ strategies like capping the frequency with which a person sees their ad. And it will be available to anyone who wants to use it, not just Lotame customers.

“Consumers are changing all the time, even more so in the last 8 months,” said Lotame CEO Andy Monfried in a statement. “Marketer and publisher relationships have to evolve with each other and with customers to reflect these profound shifts. Panorama ID provides that new common language or bridge to make relevant advertising possible and impactful for marketers, publishers, and consumers.”

At the same time, the company says the Panorama ID is privacy friendly and compliant with a variety of regulations, including GDPR and CCPA. Users will be able to to opt out of from Panorama ID tracking across their devices.