Lime revamps its app to include competitors, starting with Wheels ebikes

Lime might be best known for its bright green micromobility devices, or more recently, its ownership of the iconic red Jump electric bikes. But now, the company is expanding in a way that could see it “housing” numerous other micromobility brands on its own app.

The Lime app, which is used by customers to find and rent its bikes and scooters, will start to include Wheels-branded electric bikes in certain cities. This winter, when a user in Austin, Berlin, Miami or Seattle opens the Lime app, nearby Wheels vehicles will automatically populate the map along with pricing information. Customers can then use the Lime app to rent a Wheels e-bike.

Wheels is just the beginning. Lime plans to add more shared micromobility providers as well as expand into other markets.

Wheels eBike -

Image Credits: Wheels

Lime said it chose Wheels to be the first to join its platform because of “Wheels’ unique design, and the safety and accessibility benefits it provides.” Wheels, which was started by Wag founders Jonathan and Joshua Viner, has a pedal-less e-bike that is designed to be easier to use. Wheels also developed a shareable helmet system that integrates onto the bike. The helmet, which can be unlocked with a smartphone, comes with removable hygienic liner.

“People are demanding more shared, electric and affordable transportation options to make short trips around their cities,” Lime CEO Wayne Ting said in a statement. “In the near future, Lime will be the one-stop-shop for anyone looking to take a car-free trip under five miles. We’re excited to launch a platform that offers riders even more options given the vast and growing demand for alternative modes of urban transportation.”

The move isn’t signaling acquisition plans. Wheels will continue to be its own company. Instead, Viner, who is Wheels’ CEO, said partnering with Lime to be included on its app supports the company mission to ensure that everyone has access to safe micromobility options.

“Given that Lime is the largest provider of shared micromobility services, we’re excited to partner with it in advancing our mission,” Viner said.

Wheels vehicles will also continue to be available for use on the Wheels app.