Extra Crunch Partner Perk: Discount on Dell XPS laptop and Dell for Entrepreneurs program

We’re excited to announce a new Partner Perk from Dell for Extra Crunch members. Starting today, annual and two-year Extra Crunch members can get a discount on a Dell XPS laptop as well as a discount on membership to the Dell for Entrepreneurs program.

What is the Dell for Entrepreneurs program?

The Dell for Entrepreneurs program is committed to empowering others by being an end-to-end solution provider to help entrepreneurs grow and scale. The program includes IT consultation (from accessories, to systems, to cloud/ software solutions), access to capital for technology needs, and rewards, discounts, and more. Discounts on membership will vary.

What’s the discount on the laptop? 

The discount on the Dell XPS Laptop is 5%, but if purchased before September 23 the discount is 10%.

What is Extra Crunch?

Extra Crunch is a membership program from TechCrunch that helps you spot technology trends and opportunities, build better startups and stay connected. It features thousands of articles, including weekly investor surveys, daily market analysis and expert interviews on fundraising, growth, monetization and other work topics.

Extra Crunch also features Extra Crunch Live Q&A sessions with startup experts, a 20% discount on TechCrunch events, access to Partner Perks and better ways to use and navigate TechCrunch.com.

Join our growing community of founders, investors and startup teams here.

What are Partner Perks?

The Extra Crunch Partner Perks program is a great way for our annual members to save a few bucks on software costs. Since launching the program last fall, we’ve added more than a dozen new perks, including discounts on Crunchbase, DocSend and more. To see a full list of Partner Perks, head here.

How do I claim the discount on the Dell XPS laptop?

Head here, and enter your email address. Click submit. The discount on the laptop will be emailed to you immediately after your email address has been submitted.

How do I get the discount on the Dell for Entrepreneurs program?

Head here, and then scroll down to the section “How to Apply.” Click the button “apply now,” and fill out the form. A Dell representative will follow up within a few business days.