Wing’s Margaret Nagle will join us at TC Sessions: Mobility 2020 to discuss the future of urban air transportation

Alphabet’s Wing is among the companies leading the way for building a sustainable and scalable way for drones and other aircraft to share the skies and build a capable and safe aerial transportation network. Wing’s head of Policy, Regulatory and Community Affairs, Margaret Nagle, will join us at TC Sessions: Mobility this year to talk about the work the company is doing to unlock the potential of this path forward for city skies, and what the landscape looks like from the perspective of someone who works at the linkage point between public and private sectors.

Wing’s primary business is building and deploying a local drone delivery service that works through an app on your phone to allow you to quickly and easily order items from its partner businesses. To make the deliveries possible, Wing uses a custom multi-rotor/fixed-wing hybrid aircraft that uses an all-electric power source to operate emission-free. The roughly 4’x’3 vehicle can fly at up to 70 mph, and can carry payloads of up to 3.3 lbs. Currently, Wing is engaged in trial service deployments in Finland, the U.S. and Australia.

Margaret Stewart Nagle, Head of Policy, Regulatory and Community Affairs at Wing

The company also created OpenSky, a platform designed to help drone operators (both individuals and companies) understand flight restrictions and regulations for their area, in order to fly safely. Wing ultimately wants to help manage air traffic control across multiple drone delivery and logistics companies and operators, and OpenSky is one part of that longer-term goal, which will also involve working closely with local airspace regulators and oversight agencies.

Nagle’s work at Wing taps into her extensive experience working with public sector stakeholders at Google’s X Moonshot division, as well as at Yahoo prior to that. She’s responsible for helping to pioneer brand new use cases for aviation, and evaluate and demonstrate its impact for communities large and small all around the world. We’ll be talking to Nagle about what Wing has already seen with its live service deployments, and what potential it could hold for the future in terms of changing the communities where it operates.

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