‘The Mandalorian’ launches its second season on Oct. 30

“The Mandalorian” is returning to Disney+ with new episodes starting on October 30.

The Star Wars spin-off series (created by Jon Favreau) was the biggest original offering when Disney+ launched in November of last year. With its story of a mysterious bounty hunter (played by Pedro Pascal) and his adorable alien ward, the first season turned “Baby Yoda” into a pop culture phenomenon and is currently nominated for 15 Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Drama Series.

Disney+ even released a whole separate series, “Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian,” documenting the show’s production. (The show employed a new “virtual production” style that displayed live images behind actors, rather than relying on green screens.)

Since the release of “The Mandalorian,” Disney+ has been relatively light on original shows. Nonetheless, the company said the service has grown to more than 60.5 million subscribers, and it has benefited from the exclusive release of a filmed version of “Hamilton.” Plus, on Friday, “Mulan” will be available to subscribers for an additional $29.99.

And luckily for Disney, “The Mandalorian” finished shooting its second season right before the pandemic shut down film production everywhere (it’s slowly begun to resume in recent months). Disney and Lucasfilm have yet to release a trailer, or any real details about the new season’s plot.