Welcome to the most important panel on product development in the history of Disrupt

In a few short weeks, some of the best product developers from some of the world’s most important tech companies will take to the virtual stage of our virtual Disrupt this September 14-18 to share all the tips and tricks they’ve learned over decades spent working at Zoom, Slack, Facebook, Amazon, Hulu and Oculus.

This isn’t a tribute to the most important panel on tech development you’ll ever attend… it is the most important panel on tech product development you’ll attend.

Not only do we have Oded Gal, the man responsible for leading Zoom’s product management; not only do we have Eugene Wei, who’s forgotten more about product development in a career spanning Amazon, Hulu, Oculus and Flipboard than most developers ever knew; not only do we have Julie Zhuo, the co-founder of Inspirit and the former VP of Product Design for the Facebook app; and not only do we have Tamar Yehoshua, who oversees product strategy and development, design and research at Slack, but we have you, our interactive audience to help me question these doyennes of design, these prestigious progenitors of product on their path to product nirvana.

In this session, we’ll discuss how to get not from zero to one, but from one to one billion in industries as diverse as communication, social networking, virtual reality, direct-to-consumer sales and more.

It’s worth getting those questions ready to share now for this exclusive, incredibly special Extra Crunch panel. Some things to remember about each of our illustrious and esteemed panelists:

Oded Gal worked at Blue Jeans Network and Cisco Webex before joining Zoom, and also served as director of business development at Radvision.

Julie Zhuo was the VP of Product Design for the Facebook app, where she scaled it from 10 million users to over 2 billion. She’s also a bestselling author of the book “The Making of a Manager,” voted one of Amazon’s best business and leadership books of 2019.

Eugene Wei ran product teams at Amazon, Hulu, Flipboard and Oculus.

Tamar Yehoshua previously worked as a vice president at Google, holding product and engineering leadership roles on Google’s most important products, including Search, Identity and Privacy. And before that, Tamar was the vice president of Advertising Technologies at Amazon’s A9.

This panel is so good TechCrunch should definitely be getting someone else to lead it. But luckily, y’all will be there to help out.

So don’t delay, get those tickets now!

Disrupt 2020 runs from September 14 through September 18 and will be 100% virtual this year. Get your front row seat to see this panel live with a Disrupt Digital Pro Pass or a Digital Startup Alley Exhibitor Package. We’re excited to see you there.