Learn why embedded finance is the future of fintech at Disrupt

The fintech industry has had a wild couple of years. Consumer fintech startups, such as Robinhood, Revolut and Coinbase, have been massively successful and managed to attract millions of customers. At the same time, enterprise companies have created the infrastructure that will make finance truly digital, from payments to API-driven integrations and risk assessment.

That’s why we’re excited to announce we’ll have a panel dedicated to embedded finance and fintech at Disrupt 2020. The virtual conference will take place on September 14-18.

To talk about this topic, we invited Ruth Foxe Blader, a partner at Anthemis, a venture investment group focused on all things fintech. She has invested in many fintech and insurtech startups, such as +Simple.fr, Axle and Fluidly.

Before her role at Anthemis, Ruth Foxe Blader was in charge of insurtech venture investments for Allianz. She’s also worked with several Fortune 500 companies to lead their digital transformation.

Hope Cochran is joining us for this panel as well. She was the CFO of King, the game studio behind Candy Crush. And it’s been a wild ride as she led the company through an IPO and then oversaw King’s acquisition to Activision for $5.9 billion.

This isn’t her only achievement as a corporate director. She was the CFO of Clearwire through its sale to Sprint in 2013. Hope Cochran is now a managing director at Madrona Venture Group.

Finally, we invited John Locke, a partner at Accel working on the firm’s growth fund. Among many other investments, he’s worked on deals involving Braintree/Venmo, GoFundMe, Monzo, WorldRemit and Xero.

As you can see, he has been closely following fintech startups before we even called them fintech startups.

Will tech companies all become fintech companies at some point with embedded financial products? Will new tech giants thrive by powering those embedded financial products? If you want to hear the answers to those questions, join us for Disrupt 2020. The conference is scheduled to run from September 14 through September 18.

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