Watch the trailer for Netflix’s new family space drama about a mission to Mars

As deep space missions and Mars colonies continue to shift from science fiction to potential near-future reality, it’s not surprising to see Hollywood think about different types of stories to tell about space exploration. “Away,” a new series from Netflix premiering on September 4, looks like that kind of story.

The show stars Oscar-winner Hilary Swank, and is created by the people behind “Parenthood” and “Friday” Night Lights. It’s a show about an astronaut mission to Mars — but it’s clearly also about the family drama and tensions that arise, both for those in space on a multi-year mission and for the families they left back home on Earth.

The show also looks to feature “The Good Wife’s” Josh Charles in a key supporting role, which is awesome because he’s fantastic. Given the level of talent, the pedigree of the showrunners and the space setting, this looks like a fantastic recipe for a great new show. The first season will be available to stream on September 4 on Netflix.