GoPro launches a line of bags, water bottles and a hat because why the hell not

GoPro is now in the merch game with a new line of gear that prominently features GoPro’s logo. From bags to hats, this gear is priced attractively and has the standard affair of features. But in the end, it’s about the GoPro brand. GoPro, even while struggling to remain relevant as sales drop, cultivated a rich brand identity, and this merchandise embodies the GoPro lifestyle.

The line is called “Lifestyle Gear,” and it’s a nice sampling of outdoor gear featuring GoPro’s logo. Right now, there are nine products in the line, but it’s easy to see room for expansion.

Outdoor gear is a massive market, and the products launched by GoPro seem up to par with quality material and features. There are waterproof backpacks, durable duffels and compact cases for the compact cameras. If done correctly, soft goods often sell with healthy margins, which could be a good win for GoPro.

GoPro has struggled the last few years after storming onto the scene. The stock has been under $10 a share since 2017, though it’s trending upward this year. Over the last few years, the company revamped its product offering several times, and, most recently, started branching off into different products, including flashlights and now soft goods. Right now, in the second half of 2020, the company sells four cameras, but two are carryovers from 2019.