Equity Monday: As Xpeng raises $500M more, is there any ceiling for EV enthusiasm?

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Got all that? Great, let’s talk about what we went over today:

And we closed the show with a short thought-bubble on manias. What constitutes a bubble? I don’t know precisely, but the electric car (EV) industry has certainly seen its fair share of ups and downs. China’s EV market has seen its booms and busts, with the IPO of Nio operating as a good example of enthusiasm (its IPO), declining faith (its later cratering share price) and the rebirth of optimism (its recent return-to-form) in its industry.

Xpeng’s huge new Series C+ round and the huge valuation that Tesla has managed as a public company in recent months add currency to the idea that the EV market has once again swung toward too much optimism. We’ll see.

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