Sentry launches new performance monitoring software for Python and JavaScript

Sentry, the Accel-backed company that creates bug-monitoring software for app developers, announced its latest product today. Called Performance Monitoring, it is frontend performance monitoring software for Python and JavaScript.

The company, whose investors also include New Enterprise Associates, said the feature can reduce the amount of time spent fixing errors to a few minutes by tracing underperforming API calls and other errors back to their source.

Fixing errors quickly is important because slow-performing apps can cost revenue (for example, if an online shopping cart is taking too long to load, a frustrated customer might give up and switch to a competing app or website). Sentry also said that work related to tracking issues and fixing bugs costs companies around $4.6 million a year.

Sentry has raised $66.5 million in funding so far and says it is now used by 60,000 organizations.

Chief executive officer Milin Desai told TechCrunch that over the past four months, Sentry’s customers in all verticals have been relying on its tools more as the COVID-19 pandemic increased usage of work, education and e-commerce apps.

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The new Performance Monitoring tool means developers can “trace slow load times to poor-performing API calls and slow database queries in real time instead of trying to decipher spikes on a wallboard,” Desai said. “So while companies are being forced to undertake massive operational changes, they are finding that Sentry is keeping their developers available to support the new demand and is mission-critical in shipping performant software.”