Hear how to manage your enterprise infrastructure from Sam Pullara at TechCrunch Early Stage

In just over a decade, cloud-based platforms have completely reshaped the multi-hundred-billion-dollar enterprise IT market. Companies have thrown out their boxes and software-defined and microservice’d everything from the network stack to storage, compute, and application delivery and everything in-between.

It should be the most lucrative single slice of the startup world today, except for one (well, maybe three) major challenges whose  names are AWS, Google Cloud and Azure.

The growth of these three platforms has been dizzying and they have driven much of the enterprise adoption of cloud technologies the past decade. But they also lock customers into their vertically integrated offerings, leaving in some cases just table scraps for startups trying to find margin in an incredibly competitive world.

How can startups fend off the biggest cloud providers and still maintain growth? How can they offer differentiated offerings when AWS alone offers more services than are countable by the most advanced forms of artificial intelligence?

Thankfully, we have a long-time operator and veteran VC joining us at TC Early Stage online on July 21-22 to discuss this and more on how infrastructure startups can compete in platform-dominated world.

Sam Pullara is a managing director at Sutter Hill Ventures where he invests in enterprise infrastructure startups like application performance monitoring service Observe, DevOps platform Transposit and anomaly detection startup Lacework.

He’s up-to-speed on the latest in the infra world, and informed from his previous experience at Twitter, where he was a senior technology advisor and a senior infrastructure engineer, and he was formerly chief technologist at Yahoo, which today is part of the Borg corporate entity that is Verizon Media, TechCrunch’s magnanimous and enigmatic parent company.

If you’re interested in the future of the enterprise, this is where you want to be.

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It all goes down on July 21-22. The best news? This two-day event is all virtual, so you can tune in from the comforts of your couch. Want to know more? Find all the details you could ever want right here.