Apple’s Safari will soon tell you all the ad trackers watching you

Apple is turning the tables on invasive ad trackers.

The tech giant announced Monday a new privacy feature in its underdog browser, Safari, which will shine a spotlight on all of the ad trackers embedded on each article or website you visit.

Safari’s new anti-tracking feature sits in the top part of the browser next to the address bar, and blocks intrusive trackers as you browse the web. Users can also open the anti-tracker and view a privacy report, which details all of the trackers on the page.¬†

The page you’re reading, for example, had more than 200 trackers on it when we checked.

Rival browsers, like Firefox and Brave, already have anti-tracking features built in.

It’s the latest feature that tries to turn the tables on the targeted ad and tracking industry. As targeted advertising became more invasive over the years, Apple has responded by bundling features to its software, like its intelligence tracking prevention¬†technology and allowing Safari users to install content blockers that prevent ads and trackers from loading.

The new Safari features will land in the latest version of macOS Big Sur, expected out later this year.